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EUROBATS Intersessional Working Groups

At the time being 16 Intersessional Working Groups (IWG) actively work on different bat conservation issues in order to fulfill the requirements of the effective resolutions together with three ad hoc IWG which focus on more specific issues. Several IWGs have finished their work and now dissolved. 

For the information on the IWGs' membership see Annex II to the EUROBATS StC9-AC19 Record

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that the EUROBATS Advisory Committee Workspace is  available. This is an electronic, web-based communication space and working area for the EUROBATS Advisory Committee. It aims to provide a central platform for collaboration and support the communication and intersessional work of the AC. It can be accessed here.

For more information on the work of Intersessional Working Groups please click on the links below.

Active Intersessional Working Groups:

  1. Conservation of Key Underground Sites
  2. Bat Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management
  3. Monitoring and Indicators
  4. Monitoring of Daily and Seasonal Movements of Bats
  5. Autecological Studies for Priority Species
  6. Wind Turbines and Bat Populations
  7. Light Pollution
  8. Conservation and Management of Critical Feeding Areas and Commuting Routes
  9. Man-made Purpose-built Bat Roosts
  10. Impact of Roads and other Traffic Infrastructures on Bats
  11. Communication, Bat Conservation and Public Health
  12. Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation
  13. Bats and Building Insulation
  14. Education
  15. Quality of Assessments and Experience and Skills of Experts
  16. Overground roosts for bats 
  17. EPI projects' assesment group

Ad hoc Working Groups:

  1. Geographical Scope of the Agreement
  2. Amendment of the Annex of the Agreement
  3. Bats and climate change
Former Working Groups:


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