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EUROBATS leaflets

The EUROBATS Secretariat offers two leaflets. The blue EUROBATS leaflet introduces the Agreement and provides general information about bats. The green leaflet focusses on the relationship between bats and forestry.

Both leaflets are available in several languages. If you would like to receive them as hard copies free of charge, please contact the EUROBATS Secretariat through the general email address

The leaflet on the EUROBATS Agreement and bats in general is available as a hardcopy in English, French and German from the EUROBATS Secretariat. PDFs of these leaflets along with the Bulgarian version can be downloaded below.



The EUROBATS leaflet on "Bats and Forestry" was published in September 2009. It is available from the EUROBATS Secretariat in English, French and German.

To print this leaflet, please select "landscape" page format and page scaling "shrink large pages". The printout should comprise of two A4 pages. 

The forestry leaflet has been produced already in some other European countries, adapted to their national situation.
So far it is available from Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Belarus (in Russian), Albania and the Ukraine. If you intend to translate this leaflet into your national language, please contact the Secretariat.

General guidelines for the translation are available here.





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