5th Session of the Meeting of the Parties

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 4 - 6 September 2006

Document numbers which are not listed here can either be found under National Reports (Official Documents/National Reports). Please note that a small number of documents are not available online and therefore do not appear in the list.

   MoP5.Doc.1.rev2    Agenda
   MoP5.Doc.3.rev2    List of Documents
   MoP5.Doc.4    Rules of Procedure for the 5th Session of the Meeting of Parties
   MoP5.Doc.5    Report of the Chair of the Advisory Committee
   MoP5.Doc.6    Secretariat Report
   MoP5.Doc.18    Budget Option 2 (as requested by four Parties)
   MoP5.Doc.19    Report of the 2006 targeted Audit of the Secretariat and Budget
   MoP5.Doc.21    Budget Option 3 (submitted by the UK)
   MoP5.Inf.1    Information Fact Sheet
   MoP5.Inf.2    Schedule
   MoP5.Inf.4    Report on income and expenditure for the financial year 2003
   MoP5.Inf.5    Report on income and expenditure for the financial year 2004-2005
   MoP5.Inf.6    Trust Fund Status for the financial years 2004 - 2005
   MoP5.Inf.7.rev1    Trust Fund Status as of 31.07.2006
   MoP5.Inf.8    2006/2007 Work plans of the Secretariat Staff
   MoP5.Inf.9.rev1    Review of Species to be listed on the Annex to the Agreement
   MoP5.Inf.10    Updated List of EUROBATS focal points
   MoP5.Inf.11    Synthesis of National Implementation Reports and Updates submitted in 2006
   MoP5.Inf.48    Protection of Overground Roosts
   MoP5.Inf.49    Report of the Depositary
   MoP5.Inf.50    Protecting and managing underground sites for bats
   MoP5.Inf.52    2008: International Year of the Bat
   MoP5.Inf.53    Welcome address from UNEP
   MoP5.Inf.54.rev1    Welcome address from UNEP/CMS
   MoP5.Inf.55    Welcome address from the EU Member States
   MoP5.Inf.57    Welcome address from the United Kingdom
   MoP5.Inf.58    Taking forward a Long-term pan-European Surveillance Project - Proposal to fund a Feasibility Study
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