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26th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

Videoconference, 9 -12 May, 2022

   Doc.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.1b.rev.3    Provisional Agenda for the Advisory Committee (posted 09 May 2022)
   Doc.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.2.rev.5    List of Documents Rev.5 (posted 12 May 2022)
   Doc.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.3b    Rules of Procedure for the Advisory Committee (posted 14 April 2022)
   Doc.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.4    Guidelines for the Videoconference (posted 25 April 2022)
   Doc.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.5    Secretariat Report (posted 25 April 2022)
   Doc.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.11    Draft Resolution 9.2: Amendment of the Annex to the Agreement (posted 05 May 2022)
   Doc.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.12    Draft Resolution 9.3: Priority Species for Autecological Studies (posted 14 April 2022)
   Doc.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.13    Report of the Intersessional Working Group on Priority Species for Autecological Studies (posted 14 April 2022)
   Doc.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.14.Rev.1    Draft Resolution 9.9: Support to Authorities dealing with Bat Assessment Reports (posted 11 May 2022)
   Inf.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.1    Provisional Schedule (posted 14 April 2022)
   Inf.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.2.rev.2    Provisional List of Participants (posted 06 May 2022)
   Inf.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.3    Template for Draft Resolutions (posted 14 April 2022)
   Inf.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.4.Rev.1    Provisional Schedule for the Intersessional Working Group Meetings Rev.1 (posted 10 May 2022)
   Inf.EUROBATS.StC19-AC26.5    Draft Publication: Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation for Bat Conservation, Research and Monitoring: Guidelines (posted 10 May 2022)
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