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11th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 8 - 10 May 2006

Please note that a small number of documents are not available online and therefore do not appear in the list.
Other document numbers which are not listed here can be found under National Reports (Official Documents/National Reports). 

   AC11.Doc.1.rev3    Agenda
   AC11.Doc.3.rev.3    List of Documents
   AC11.Doc.4    Rules of Procedure for the Advisory Committee
   AC11.Doc.5    Secretariat Report
   AC11.Doc.6    Annex to the Agreement according to amendments adopted at MoP4
   AC11.Doc.7    Draft Resolution 5.1: Financial and Administrative Matters (Budget 2007-2009)
   AC11.Doc.8    Draft Resolution 5.2: Bats and Rabies in Europe
   AC11.Doc.9.rev1    IWG Report on the transboundary programme – habitats: Data compilation (Underground habitats)
   AC11.Doc.10    IWG Report on the Geographical Scope of the Agreement
   AC11.Doc.11    IWG Report on Producing Guidelines on Bat Monitoring Methods to Assess Population Trends at Different Levels
   AC11.Doc.13    IWG Report on Protection of Overground Roosts
   AC11.Doc.14    IWG Report on Impact on Bat Populations of Use of Antiparasitic Drugs for Livestock
   AC11.Doc.15.rev1    IWG Report on Wind Turbines and Bat Populations
   AC11.Doc.16    IWG Report on the Conservation and Management of Critical Feeding Areas and Commuting Routes
   AC11.Doc.17    IWG Report on Autecological Studies for Priority Species
   AC11.Doc.18    IWG Report on Bat Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management
   AC11.Doc.19    Implementation Mechanism for the Agreement
   AC11.Doc.20    Future structure of the Advisory Committee and possible establishment of a Standing Committee
   AC11.Doc.21    Draft Resolution 5.3: Amendment of the Annex to the Agreement
   AC11.Doc.22    Draft Resolution 5.4: Monitoring Bats Across Europe
   AC11.Doc.23.rev1    Draft Resolution 5.5: Guidelines for the Issue of Permits for the Capture and Study of Captured Wild Bats
   AC11.Inf.1    Information Fact Sheet
   AC11.Inf.2.rev1    Provisional Schedule
   AC11.Inf.3.rev1    List of Participants
   AC11.Inf.4    Financial report 2005 in EUR (Secretariat)
   AC11.Inf.5    Financial report 2005 in USD (UNEP/UNON)
   AC11.Inf.6    Trust Fund Status as of 31 December 2005
   AC11.Inf.13    Review of species to be listed on the Annex to the Agreement
   AC11.Inf.18    Welcome address of the Director of the Division of Environmental Conventions, UNEP
   AC11.Inf.19    Welcome address of the Executive Secretary of UNEP/CMS
   AC11.Inf.20    Updated List of Focal Points to EUROBATS
   AC11.Inf.29    Documentation form for indicators
   AC11.Inf.30    Bats and Climate Change
   AC11.Inf.32    Request for additional budget estimate
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