6th Session of the Meeting of the Parties

Prague, Czech Republic, 20 - 22 September 2010

Information:Document numbers which are not listed here can either be found under National Reports (Official Documents/National Reports). Please note that a small number of documents are not available online and therefore do not appear in the list.

   MoP6.Doc.1.rev1    Provisional Agenda
   MoP6.Doc.2    Provisional Annotated Agenda
   MoP6.Doc.3.rev2    Provisional List of Documents
   MoP6.Doc.4    Rules of Procedure for the 6th Session of the Meeting of Parties
   MoP6.Doc.8    EUROBATS budget 2011 onwards: Level of the ceiling for maximum contributions and possible introduction of a minimum contribution
   MoP6.Doc.9    Draft Resolution 6.1: Financial and Administrative Matters (Budget for 2011 – 2014)
   MoP6.Doc.10    Draft Resolution 6.2: Amendment of the Annex to the Agreement
   MoP6.Doc.11.rev1    Draft Resolution 6.3: Geographical Scope of the Agreement
   MoP6.Doc.12    Draft Resolution 6.4: Guidelines for the Implementation of the EUROBATS Projects Initiative (EPI)
   MoP6.Doc.13    Draft Resolution 6.5: Guidelines on Ethics for Research and Field Work Practices
   MoP6.Doc.14    Draft Resolution 6.6: Underground Habitats
   MoP6.Doc.15    Draft Resolution 6.7: Guidelines for the Prevention, Detection and Control of Lethal Fungal Infections in Bats
   MoP6.Doc.16    Draft Resolution 6.8: Conservation and Management of Critical Feeding Areas and Commuting Routes
   MoP6.Doc.17    Draft Resolution 6.9: Monitoring on Bat Migrations
   MoP6.Doc.18    Draft Resolution 6.10: “Year of the Bat”
   MoP6.Doc.19    Draft Resolution 6.11: Synergies between the Agreement and Other European Treaties for Nature Conservation
   MoP6.Doc.20    Draft Resolution 6.12: Wind Turbines and Bat Populations
   MoP6.Doc.21    Draft Resolution 6.13: Bat Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management
   MoP6.Doc.22    Draft Resolution 6.14: Bats as Indicators for Biodiversity
   MoP6.Doc.23    Draft Resolution 6.15: Impact of Roads and Other Traffic Infrastructures on Bats
   MoP6.Doc.24    Draft Resolution 6.16: Impact on Bat Populations of the Use of Antiparasitic Drugs for Livestock
   MoP6.Doc.26    Draft Resolution 6.18: Terms of Reference for the Standing Committee
   MoP6.Doc.27    Draft Resolution 6.19: Terms of Reference for the Advisory Committee
   MoP6.Inf.1    Information Fact Sheet
   MoP6.Inf.2    Provisional Schedule
   MoP6.Inf.5.rev1    Report on income and expenditure for the financial year 2006
   MoP6.Inf.6    Report on income and expenditure for the financial years 2007-2009
   MoP6.Inf.8    Status of Contributions as of 31.07.2010
   MoP6.Inf.9    Revised Contributions to EUROBATS for 2010
   MoP6.Inf.10    IWG Report on Impact on Bat Populations of the Use of Antiparasitic Drugs for Livestock
   MoP6.Inf.45    Amendment of the Annex of the Agreement - Review of Species to be listed on the Annex to the Agreement
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