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Bat News

A selection of news related to EUROBATS and other bat conservation activities.
News items of previous years can be accessed in the Archive.

"The life of a Greater horseshoe bat" movie available online

The film "The life of a Greater horseshoe bat" by Tanguy Stoecklé is now available in full length on YouTube:


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Ökologie und Schutz von Fledermäusen in Wäldern available as pdf

The PDF version of the book "Ökologie und Schutz von Fledermäusen in Wäldern" is now available on our website under "Publications". 
As the PDF is too large to upload it in one piece, it is devided into three smaller pdfs.
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Mammals of Luxemburg available in French

After the launch of the German version in 2018 now the French book "Les mammifères du Luxembourg" (Mammals of Luxemburg) by Laurent Schley and Jan Herr is available for ordering and in bookstores accross Europe. It comprises, among all, data on 21 bat species occuring in the country. Participants of the AC25 may order the book directly from Laurent  laurent.schley@anf.etat.lu at 25 Euro's price and he will bring copies to the meeting. 
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"Ecology and conservation of bats in villages and towns" available online

The PDF version of the book "Ecology and conservation of bats in villages and towns"  is now available online on our website under "Publications".
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German version of EUROBATS Series No.8 is online

The Guidelines for consideration of bats in lighting projects have been translated. The online version is already available - please click here. You can order a printed version free of charge through our email eurobats(at)eurobats.org
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News on bat migrations at the Curonian Spit and Lagoon

During the main migration period of bats in late summer 2019, experts from the Arbeitskreis Fledermäuse Sachsen-Anhalt e. V. visited the "Biological Field Station Fringilla" on the Curonian Spit and the "Ornithological Station Ventés Ragas" at the Curonian Lagoon to observe the bat migration and to catch and mark bats together with Russian and Lithuanian friends.
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News on bat ringing at Pape Station, Latvia

Pape Ornithological Research Centre (University of Latvia Institute of Biology) has been an important bat research site for many decades. Thousands of bats migrate through the corridor between Pape lake and the Baltic sea.
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