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Bat News

A selection of news related to EUROBATS and other bat conservation activities.
News items of previous years can be accessed in the Archive.

Inger Andersen Appointed as UNEP Executive Director

Bonn, 22 February 2019 - Inger Andersen of Denmark is the new Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. Her nomination to the post by UN Secretary-General António Guterres was approved by acclamation by the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, 20 February.  

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Richard Dopita of the River Allen Bat Roost passed away

International Bat Night has been celebrated at the River Allen Bat Roost since 2013. From the beginning it was a very successful event with 50 – 60 people participating each year. They listened to informative talks and enjoyed bat walks along the River Allen with bat detectors. The agenda for the Bat Night varied from year to year but it always contained a creative part. We received a lovely card after the Bat Night in 2017 with many good wishes and a statement that the people of the River Allen Bat Roost were prepared to fight for Europe’s bats.

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European Action Plan (2018 - 2024) for all Bat Species approved and published

The European Action Plan for the Conservation of all Bat Species has been published, please find it on the EU website.

Please find also the pdf documents here: the European Action Plan and the Complementary document.


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The Kate Barlow Award: applications are now open

The Kate Barlow Award aims to encourage postgraduate students to conduct a substantive bat research project and to honour the late Dr Kate Barlow's contribution to bat conservation. Read more about her great achievements here.

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Mammals of Luxemburg available in German

A book "Säugetiere Luxemburgs" (Mammals of Luxemburg) by Laurent Schley and Jan Herr is available for ordering and in bookstores accross Europe. It comprises, among all, data on 21 bat species occuring in the country. Participants of the EUROBATS MoP 8 may order the book directly from Laurent  laurent.schley@anf.etat.lu at 25 Euro's price and he will bring copies to the meeting. 

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Die Zeit: stop fake news about bats

Yes, bats can transmit diseases – but you are extremely unlikely to be infected by one. Why fake news about bats is dangerous to their survival!
A letter of MerlinTutle to the popular German media Die Zeit responding to an article which blamed bats, was published on the newspaper's website at 

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Publication No.6 translated to Japanese

EUROBATS Publication Series No. 6 “Guidelines for consideration of bats in wind farm projects” was translated into Japanese language by  the Bat Study and Conservation group of Japan, which has a working group on wind turbines.
The traslation is available online both on the BSCJ website  and as a PDF  below 

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