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Bat News

A selection of news related to EUROBATS and other bat conservation activities.
News items of previous years can be accessed in the Archive.

Applications to the Kate Barlow award open

BCT pleased to announce that applications to the Kate Barlow award are now open – the closing date is 5pm GMT,  24th November 2020.

The Kate Barlow Award aims to encourage the next generation of bat researchers by providing a substantive contribution towards the research costs of a postgraduate student undertaking research that will benefit bat conservation, in honour of the late Dr Kate Barlow’s contribution to this field.

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New issue of Hypsugo Journal

A new issue of  Hypsugo, a periodical journal of bat research in Balkans, has recently been published, with PDF version available online on the website of the Center for Karst and Speleology at http://centarzakrs.ba/sismi

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New IZW publication on bat protection in wind farm projects available for download free of charge

In Germany, wind parks cause a high number of casualties in bats, which can potentially lead to endangering the protected bat species.

Effective bat protection is, therefore, necessary for the implementation of an ecologically sustainable energy transition that considers the goals of both climate and biodiversity protection.

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A new bat species confirmed for Europe: Plecotus gaisleri


Plecotus gaisleri is among the last species to have been recognized among long-eared bats of the Mediterranean basin. The availability of unconfirmed records only had led Eurobats to exclude it from the latest checklist of European bat.

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Bat Conservation & People – a Survey during COVID-19

In September last year, the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research circulated a questionnaire called 'Bat conservation and people - a cross-cultural survey' in order to gain a better understanding about what the bat community thinks and feels about bats and stakeholders involved in their conservation across the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic the situation has surely changed a lot and we would be interested to see where we stand today as bat experts.

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15th European Bat Research Symposium Postponed to 2021

Dear All,


Unfortunately we have now been forced to come to the conclusion that we have to postpone the

15th European Bat Research Symposium until next year, because of the the current COVID-19 -situation. Even if the borders would re-open in time for the meeting, we fear there may still be restrictions in place, which could affect our meeting. We  believe this decision is in the best interest of the health and safety of all participants.

We have new dates set for next year, so please write these down in your calendars: 2-6 August 2021

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"The life of a Greater horseshoe bat" movie available online

The film "The life of a Greater horseshoe bat" by Tanguy Stoecklé is now available in full length on YouTube:


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Mammals of Luxemburg available in French

After the launch of the German version in 2018 now the French book "Les mammifères du Luxembourg" (Mammals of Luxemburg) by Laurent Schley and Jan Herr is available for ordering and in bookstores accross Europe. It comprises, among all, data on 21 bat species occuring in the country. Participants of the AC25 may order the book directly from Laurent  laurent.schley@anf.etat.lu at 25 Euro's price and he will bring copies to the meeting. 
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