Walking with bats by Mark Ferguson on Bandcamp

Mark Ferguson is a Northern Irish wildlife sound recordist, currently based in Bristol. He just released an album of sound recordings called Walking with Bats


The album is free to listen to on Bandcamp, with an option to support his work. 

It's basically a collection of narrated bat-detecting walks: Mark plus a handheld ultrasound detector, conveying his experiences in the field as he records echolocations from UK and Irish bat species.

Mark's main goal throughout the project has been to transport listeners directly to the field, placing their ears where his are so they can experience the excitement of bat detecting through their own headphones! The album features eight walks in total, covering various locations in south-west England and Mark's native Northern Ireland. He also provided a few bonus tracks at the end.

BCT's interview with Mark Ferguson available here:


His personal website: markfergusonaudio.com

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