About Dandelions, Butterflies and Bats - Article and Short Film in National Geographic in cooperation with EUROBATS

Earlier this year, the EUROBATS Secretariat has assisted National Geographic in the production of an article and a short film about the importance of nature conservation and the positive results that can be achieved. 
The short film, entitled "How a dandelion can hold back a flood: Initiating the butterfly effect for good" features, among others, the Chair of EUROBATS Advisory Committee, Ms. Ruth Petermann, and her family, as well as EUROBATS Spanish scientific focal point, Dr. Adriá López Baucells.

The article and the film can be found at: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/article/paid-content-how-a-dandelion-can-hold-back-a-flood-initiating-the-butterfly-effect-for-good

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