Capacity Building for the identification of bat species and their future monitoring in Macedonia, 2013

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The lack of awareness is the reason why the Bat Study Group (BSG) of Bird Protection Macedonia (BPM) initiated the project aimed to teach the BSG and other NGO members in Macedonia on bat biology and bat conservation in the field. The aim was to strengthen the national capacity for bat research and to establish a network of trained bat workers. 

The workshop took place from 28 June - 4 July 2013 in Asamati village on the Prespa Lake's shore in Macedonia. 8 participants were trained to use bat detectors, mist nets and “Bat sound” and “Bat-explorer” software for call identification. 6500 bat calls were analysed during the 7 days-workshop, 12 species were identified. Presence of 5 species were proven by the mist netting. Recordings were done in the vicinity of the venue (village Asamati) but also along the banks of Prespa Lake, forested areas at Pelister Mountain and along rivers in the surroundings. The biggest contribution of the project was the boosting of the capacities of Bat Study Group Macedonia. The NGO will benefit through further education and motivation of new members. We hope that most of this year’s participants will become valuable bat workers for future bat studies and monitoring in Macedonia.

New species' records were obtained during the workshop, which will contribute to the knowledge of the local bat fauna. 

  Map with the places where mist nettings and recordings were conducted and the corresponding species names of registered bat species..jpg