EUROBATS Implementation Guide

This document is intended to help Parties to implement the EUROBATS Agreement. It provides an overview of the Agreement and reviews each of the commitments undertaken by Parties to the Agreement. As well as providing guidance to Parties, this document summarises the fundamental obligations of the Agreement and will be of value to all Range States and other interested organizations and individuals.
EUROBATS is a daughter Agreement of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals and its principal aim is to provide coordination and direction for the conservation, protection and research of European bat populations across their range. The fundamental obligations of EUROBATS relate to the implementation of a licensing system; the identification and protection of important sites; the conservation of bat habitats; the promotion of the awareness and conservation of bats; the provision of advice in relation to bats; the need for action to safeguard threatened bat populations; the promotion of research; and consideration of the effects of pesticides. The relevant Intersessional Working Groups and the up-to-date Resolutions pertaining to each of these obligations are summarised.
The first version of this Guide was published in 2015. The current document (Version 3) is an update to take account of changes resulting from MoP9 (Brijuni, Croatia, 10 - 13 October, 2022). This new publication is dedicated to  its leading author Tony Hutson, who passed away in 2023.


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