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Review of the list of Priority Species


Established at the AC4 during the AC 7 the group felt that it had completed its task last year, when it had recommended three additional species to the current list of Priority Species. However, it was 

suggested that this should not affect the activities of the IWG on the Bat Conservation and Management Plan Action 8 (Priority Species).- 7 

At the same time, it was recognised that additional bat species were identified in the  Agreement Area. In Doc.EUROBATS.AC7.18 these species were presented and it was suggested that there might be the need to modify the Appendix to the Agreement at the next MoP.

Having completed its work the group was dissolved. The convenor will assist the Secretariat in preparing a draft resolution for MoP 4.The Convenor of the working group agreed to co-ordinate an advisory group for bat 

taxonomy and systematic to agree on which species and nomenclature should be regarded as valid at this time and should therefore be incorporated into the Agreement's Appendix. 

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