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During the AC19 in Heraklion, according to the suggestion of Hossein Zohoori,  a new working group related to Education was established. 
After putting together those interested the convener made an initial presentation and pointed questions which should be worked out and open the discussion.
The participants agreed that there is the opportunity to create an IWG on Education and the aims of IWG are:
-    Provide Guidelines on bat education programs and awareness that have to consider the different approaches, efforts and possibilities in education;
-    Provide training and adequate materials for educators.
The IWG intent to:
-    Collect experiences of best practices from all the states.
-    Focus on basic education (preschool, kindergarten and primary).
-    Ask the Secretariat for a dedicate space in the web working space.
-    Contact experts and international organizations with relevant experience in education.
-    To create a questionnaire that have to be distributed to party and non-party range states for collect information in the topics.
-    Eventually provide translation of documents in other languages and make them available in the working web space.
-    Customize the resource materials to make them relevant to the country concerned.
-    Provide help in linguistic, stylistic and scientific editing of documents.

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