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Bats, insulation and roofing membranes

The group was established at 17th meeting of the Advisory Committee to deal with European politics to reduce carbon emissions – which causes extensive insulation in all European countries and destroys bat roosts in buildings. It affects mostly crevice dwelling species (noctule, common pipistrelle, serotine) but also species using loft spaces (attics) for reproduction. Problem affects critically also bird species depending on roost in buildings (e.g. swifts, house martins, sparrow...)
 Aims of this IWG are:
-   Prepare overview of situation in all countries (questionnaire). Identify extent of this problem, species which are affected, techniques used for insulation, if “insulation politics” accounts for protected species in individual countries etc.
-   Collect, share and exchange knowledge between countries. Knowledge on technical solutions, population status, state of legislation etc.
-    Find ways to include conservation of “urban species” in national legislation related to insulation and reconstruction of buildings.

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