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Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation

Established during the AC17 in Dublin, the main objectives of the IWG are the:

  • Creation of a contact list across EUROBATS parties and range states, who deal with bat rehabilitation (name, mail, phone, address, Skype, national manual for bat rehabilitation (Y/N), advice center available (Y/N), language ability, range of area, compliance to share data for evaluation purposes);
  • Creation of a publication list on the effectiveness and value of rehabilitation for population conservation (whole-world studies) and a list of handbooks and papers on bat rehabilitation and care in captivity;
  • List of FAQ concerning solutions to problems arising from the discovery of large colonies and case examples;
  • Development of guidelines for protocols for accepting animals into captivity. These can provide considerable information supporting conservation and bat care, e.g. change in roosting strategies, dynamics, distribution at the local level, and risk of transmission of diseases (esp. rabies). Protocols should contain: name, address of finding, contact to finder, species, sex, date, place of finding (specified), history of bat (specifies), condition of bat (specified), treatment (specified), fate (specified), disease test (Y/N), name of recipient of bat.
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