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Review of the Format of National Reports

The IWG was instructed through MoP6 Resolution 6.10 with the review of the format of National Reports under four aims:

  1. Including bat indicator statistics or data on bats which are needed to create a European bat indicator in accordance with the outcomes of the IWG on Bats as Indicators;
  2. Harmonising the contents and time schedules of National Reports and updates under the Agreement with national report for other International reporting obligations covering bats, e.g. the EU Habitats Directive;
  3. Encouraging non-EU Parties and non-Party Range States to assess the conservation status of their bat populations by applying the methodology, which was agreed by EU member states for the implementation of Article 17 of the Habitats Directive, in order to enable the Advisory Committee to make pan-European assessments and identify priorities for bat conservation in the whole area;
  4. Reducing the work load connected to reporting in general.
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