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Priority Species for Autecological Studies

The IWG was established at the AC 4 to meet actions 8 and 17 of the Bat Conservation and Management Plan. 

The AC identified a list of Priority Species and areas of autecological research particularly required for seven Mediterranean species from that list and identified three species for particular attention.

• The current work being carried out on autecological studies of the Priority List of  species (Rhinolophus euryale, Myotis capaccinii and Miniopterus schreibersii, according to EUROBATS.AC4.Report.Annex C) should be updated by the Advisory Committee in accordance with Resolution 4.12, and should be made public. 

• Parties should support autecological studies on the Priority List of species:

 Investigating roost choice according to the microclimate of roosts (temperature, humidity) through the seasons (being aware that electronic devices often produce ultrasounds);

Studying population structure, including metapopulation structuring (using genetic analyses, morphometrics or echolocation calls) and dispersal (flight paths when commuting from the roost to the foraging areas and when moving between seasonal roosts). 

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