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Monitoring of Daily and Seasonal Movements of Bats


The IWG was established at the 5th Session of the Meeting of Parties to collect information on migration of species in the range of the Agreement, submit related questionnaires to scientific focal points and collect information from the different specialists; (see MoP6, Resolution 6.8). At the AC17, the IWG decided to provide a draft resolution to the next MoP on the priority and advances related to the topic. In order to draft this, the IWG is called to:

  • Re-organize available information on movements and techniques considered by area, species and methodologies;
  • Ask advice from scientific focal points on new references or information; in particular, a short abstract and species/ habitat/ kind of movement data should be provided. Data available in languages other than English are also welcome;
  • Prepare a new questionnaire, with few questions on all species and types of movement recorded in the country; this should be submitted to scientific focal points to collect existing literature and potential existence of movement according to species ecology.
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