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Wind Turbines and Bat Populations

Noting the importance that wind energy has in the implementation of the Kyoto protocol to reduce CO2 emissions and recalling the Agreement's Conservation and Management Plans, which call for the conservation of bat habitats in all cases of land management and development especially when foraging areas or commuting routes are affected, the IWG was requested to
  • Assess the evidence of the impacts of wind turbines on bat populations and, if appropriate, to develop guidelines for assessing potential impacts on bats and for the establishment of wind turbines in accordance with the ecological requirements of bat populations;
  • Continue to update the generic guidelines and compile relevant information, including methods to assess the impact on bat populations.
EUROBATS publications: 
EUROBATS Publication Series No. 3: Guidelines for consideration of bats in wind farm projects
EUROBATS Publication Series No. 6: Guidelines for consideration of bats in wind farm projects. Revision 2014.
Other relevant publications: 
Impacts of Wind Energy Development on Bats: A Global Perspective. Authors: Edward B. Arnett , Erin F. Baerwald, Fiona Mathews, Luisa Rodrigues, Armando Rodríguez-Durán, Jens Rydell, Rafael Villegas-Patraca, Christian C. Voigt. In: Bats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of Bats in a Changing World
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