Plecotus kolombatovici

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Raphaël Sané
Plecotus kolombatovici
Species authority: 
Dulic, 1980
(EN) Balkan Long-eared Bat; (FR) Oreillard des Balkans; (DE) Balkan-Langohr;
Species details: 

Recently established as a full species, P. kolombatovici is considered to be the smallest Plecotus species in Europe. It has a fully furred face and chin, and brown dorsal fur. 

The species can be found in karst areas along the eastern Mediterranean coast. It also inhabits agricultural landscapes and roosts in caves, wall cracks and rock crevices. 

The Balkan Long-eared bat's flight is agile and it can manoeuver in confined spaces to catch its prey (e.g. moths).

IUCN status: 
Least concem
Population Trend: 

Decreasing according to the IUCN Red List.

Distribution map of Plecotus kolombatovici
Geographic Range: 

The species is endemic to the Mediterranean and its distribution is fragmented into three parts: southern regions of the Balkans and Asia Minor (Cyprus, Türkiye, Syria, Lebanon and probably into Israel, Palestine and Jordan), northeast Libya and Malta.


Since the species mostly occurs in coastal areas, disturbance of roost sites by tourists can be a threat.