Taphozous nudiventris

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Mustafa Sozen
Taphozous nudiventris
Species authority: 
Cretzschmar, 1830
(EN) Naked-rumped Tomb Bat; (FR) Taphien à ventre nude; (DE) Nacktbäuchige-Tempelfledermaus;
Species details: 

The Naked-rumped Tomb bat is a rather large bat with short, light brown fur.

Associated with arid and semi-arid regions, it is known to roost in crevices in rocks, tombs, cliffs and buildings.
This species is a fast flier, hunting in the open air for beetles, crickets, moths, grasshoppers and other insects.
Some individuals hibernate in the colder months but others are known to migrate in winter once they have accumulated fat deposits.
IUCN status: 
Least concem
Population Trend: 

Stable according to the IUCN Red List.

Distribution map of Taphozous nudiventris
Geographic Range: 

Naked-rumped Tomb bat has been recorded from Morocco, through the Saharan region across northern Africa to Egypt and north through the Middle East to southern Türkiye and the more arid areas of the Indian subcontinent.


Loss of roosts and the effects of pesticides. Quite tolerant to a certain level of human disturbance.

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