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EUROBATS founding father Tony Hutson (1944-2023) passed away

Our friend and colleague Tony Hutson died on 16th February after a long period of ill-health. Shortly after joining the staff of The Fauna and Flora Preservation Society in 1984, Tony was asked to produce the equivalent of the European Birds Directive for bats. His efforts led in 1991 to the Eurobats Agreement and Tony has detailed that long and sometimes difficult path in Eurobats publication #1. We have much to thank him for. He was a regular attender at Eurobats meetings and advised on all taxonomic issues. His knowledge of bats was extensive, and is revealed in his monograph on Bats (2022). Although Tony was modest and self-effacing, he was held in high esteem and affection by the entire bat community and will be greatly missed.

Paul Racey


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