2 November 2021

The global expansion of wind energy production represents an, as yet, unsolved green-green dilemma due to habitat degradation caused by the erection of turbines and the risk of colliding with the rotating blades for bats. Effective compensation and mitigation schemes are central for making so-called green energy production by wind turbines ecologically sustainable. We have invited a number of keynote speakers who will report on the wind energy-bat conflict from their country or continent, and present new scientific evidence on how to protect bats efficiently at wind turbines. We have also reserved slots for short oral presentations (5-10 min per talk, depending on demand). Talks may be presented either live or as a pre-recorded presentation. In case you would like to present your work at the symposium, please submit your abstract by 1st September 2021. Please note that presentation slots are limited and will be assigned on a competitive basis.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021
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