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In memoriam of Prof. Ingemar Ahlén

We have received the sad news that on February 6 our dear friend and colleague Ingemar Ahlén from Sweden passed away at the age of 84. Ingemar was a professor in wildlife ecology and a pioneer in ultrasound analysis and bat identification by sound. However, he was not limited to sound analysis, but involved in many different aspects of bat ecology and conservation, such as wind-power and bat migration. He was also a great support in the Eurobats process and contributed so much to the work of the Agreement.

We shall truly miss Ingemar,

EUROBATS Secretariat

May his soul rest in peace. My deep condolences to his family.

Mounir Abi-Said

The news on Ingemar Ahlén’s passing away is very sad.

Being able to work with him as his student has had an immense impact on my work and the work of many others in field of study and conservation of bats. He was the prototype of an inspiring tutor.

The good thing is that not only do bats live in networks, but also us the bat workers cooperate in networks. In this way we carry his legacy with us.  

Herman Limpens




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