Bat Conservation & People – a Survey during COVID-19

In September last year, the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research circulated a questionnaire called 'Bat conservation and people - a cross-cultural survey' in order to gain a better understanding about what the bat community thinks and feels about bats and stakeholders involved in their conservation across the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic the situation has surely changed a lot and we would be interested to see where we stand today as bat experts.

Hence, we would appreciate if you could spend again 15- minutes to fill out the survey before the 13.05.2020. The survey is available in English, French and Spanish (apologies that we could not cover other languages) and we intend to publish the results of this research and to share it with the bat reaserch community.

English: https://lamapoll.de/Bat_ConservationPeople_Covid19/en/

French: https://lamapoll.de/Bat_ConservationPeople_Covid19/fr/

Spanish: https://lamapoll.de/Bat_ConservationPeople_Covid19/es/

We would appreciate, if you could share this survey with other bat experts at various institutions (e.g. academia, government,NGO, volunteers).


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