EUROBATS Guidance on feeding areas and commuting routes published

EUROBATS Resolution 4.9 urges Parties to take the conservation of bat habitats into consideration and draft national guidelines for this purpose. The Advisory Committee was tasked with preparing a general guidance for the use of Parties for this purpose. Subsequently, a working group on Conservation and Management of Critical Feeding Areas, Core Areas around Colonies and Commuting Routes was convened for drafting this guidance document. Resolution 7.9 reiterates the importance of critical feeding areas and commuting routes, and urges Parties to take them into account in land use and planning decisions, based on the generic EUROBATS guidance.

This guidance, which draws on the latest scientific information on each European species, should help in considering bat habitats during various land-management activities and thus make a positive contribution to their conservation. It should also help regulatory authorities to ensure that agriculture, forest management regulations and support schemes are designed in such a way as to ensure the conservation of these protected species.

As this guidance is intended to cover the entire EUROBATS range, supplementing it with national guidance is highly encouraged. National or regional guidelines can better take local farming and forest management practices into account and ensure that the guidance is locally relevant. 

Hard copies can be ordered from the Secretariat via e-mail eurobats(at)eurobats.org


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