New EUROBATS publication: Common names of European bat species

The publication contains common names for each of 53 bat species occurring within the area of EUROBATS Agreement enlisted in its Annex 1. Names are given in 50 European languages including all of the national and several regional ones.

The author, Mr. Peter H.C. Lina, conceived this amazing dictionary more than five years ago in order to help local bat researches and conservationists with the popularisation of their results and in order to standardise the application of vernacular names in alignment with scientific ones. This has been a tremendous work over the past years, as many names did not previously exist in a number of languages and had to be developed by national experts in sometimes lengthy consultation processes in order to meet the highest linguistic and scientific standards.

An introductory chapter explains the etymology of the word “bat” in the various languages, without doubt the most poetic expression being the “night butterfly” from Malta; it also provides insights into the etymology of generic and scientific names of individual species. Published as the EUROBATS Publication Series No.7, this new volume is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Agreement.

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