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Conservation of Key Underground Sites

The IWG was established at AC 4 as Transboundary programme – habitats: Data compilation to address the following topics of Resolution 2.4: Transboundary Programme: Habitat Proposals:

(a)     Two habitat types should be the subject of specific national research in relation to  the conservation of European bats: underground sites and  forests;

(b)     The contracting parties should endeavor to provide data on sites specified in annex I and II, as well as an assessment of sites with problems caused by man, by the middle of 2000 to the Secretariat.

(c)     Directs the Secretariat to commission an assessment of all national data, where available, for consideration by the AC and submission to the third session of the Meeting of Parties.


EUROBATS publications: 

EUROBATS Publication Series No. 2. Protecting and managing underground sites for bats, 3rd edition

Available in English, German, French, Russian, Polish and Romanian

Conservation of Key Underground sites: the database (2015) 

Available online on the EUROBATS website


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