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International Bat Night Event Registration and Poster Order


Please send us your poster orders by email. You can register your event still through the event registration form, but please send us also a mail to alert us. We will then put it online. 

The International Bat Night is an awareness-raising campaign highlighting the need for bat conservation and their habitats. Every year on the last full weekend of August, bat enthusiasts organise events such as bat walks, workshops and seminars, and exhibitions.

The 23rd International Bat Night takes place on 24-25 August 2019. However, local organisers can choose other dates if more convenient.

By registering your IBN event you will reach a larger public and increase impact of your support to bats. Please submit your information to this site, with as much detail as possible, and do not forget to send the EUROBATS Secretariat a brief report with pictures afterwards!

Let the bat community all around the world take part in your activity!

Please, scroll down to find our free posters' order form!

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