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Bat News

A selection of news related to EUROBATS and other bat conservation activities.
News items of previous years can be accessed in the Archive.

Protection of house-dwelling species in insulation projects: a position paper of BfN (in German)

Gebäude stellen wichtige Lebens- und Rückzugsräume für verschiedene siedlungstypische Tier- und Pflanzenarten dar. Vor allem eine Reihe von Vogel- und Fledermausarten sind in besonderer Weise vom Lebensraum „Gebäude“ abhängig. Diese Thematik wird schon seit längerem von verschiedenen Ländern, Kommunen und Verbänden aufgegriffen und vorangetrieben.

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New educational book in German: "Falsche Vampire & fliegende Hunde"

In an easy and entertaining way the author,  Dr. Martin Straube, offers his insights into the fascinating world of bats. For more information (in German), please check the PDF-file.

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Bats found in Iceland

Three bats were found in the North Iceland town of Siglufjörður last week – the animals were stowaways on a Danish ship arriving from Belgium.
Bats are not native to Iceland but make occasional visits, carried either by jet streams or ships. The tiny specimens had hidden in the cargo hold of the ship, which arrived in Siglufjörður on Thursday afternoon.
The bats were discovered as the ship was being unloaded. Workers managed to capture two of them (pictured below), but the third managed to fly off and escape.

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Autumn Migration of Nathusius' Pipistrelle Bats in Germany monitored by amateur radio operators

Autumn Migration of Nathusius' Pipistrelle Bats monitored by amateur radio operators in Germany.

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