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Bat News

A selection of news related to EUROBATS and other bat conservation activities.
News items of previous years can be accessed in the Archive.

40 misconceptions about bats - new French publication available!

Un ouvrage ludique et pédagogique qui tord le cou aux idées reçues sur les chauves-souris.

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BatLife Europe launches the continentwide Noctule Count

BatLife Europe invites you to join in with our Europe-wide Noctule Count this summer. Please follow the link below and get involved to help monitor Noctule bats across Europe and make our project a success! 




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Cyprus Department of Environment and 13 partners of Pandoteira project celebrated the European Natura Day

Cyprus Department of Environment, along with the 13 partners of the Pandoteira project, organised a two-day celebration for the European Natura Day. The celebration took place on May 20th and 21st, 2023, and featured various activities amidst nature.

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Ukrainian bat rehabilitator won prestigious FFN award

Alona Prylutska of the Ukrainian Bat Rehabilitation Center (UBRC) won a prestigious FFN award. Earlier, the Center's founders (Alona herself and her colleagues Anton Vlaschenko and Ksenia Kravchenko) were grantees of the EUROBATS project initiative and actively collaborated with the Eurobats Advisory Committee.  

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Brno Appeal to reduce light pollution in Europe: results of international workshop

Light pollution has been chosen as one of the Ministry’s priorities for the Czech Presidency of the EU. The flagship event of this topic, an international workshop Light Pollution 2022, was held in the Brno Observatory and Planetarium on October 26th 2022. Representatives of 19 member states, the European Commission, the International Dark-Sky Association, the European Environmental Agency or the International Commission on Illumination joined the workshop, as well as lighting professionals, members of the academia and private as well as non-profit companies.

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New species action plan for Lesser horseshoe bat in Ireland

The first Species Action Plan for the Lesser horseshoe bat in Ireland has been published by the Irish Government, however, the species action plan is the product of extensive collaboration between the National Parks & Wildlife Service and the Vincent Wildlife Trust. The aim of the plan is to guide, inform and provide structure for the conservation management of this important species over the next five years (2022-2026). 


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New Bat Mitigation Guidelines for Ireland

An updated version of Bat Mitigation Guidelines for Ireland is now available and can be downloaded at: https://www.npws.ie/site

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Conservation of bats during building insulation: results of the international workshop

The online workshop organised by the Czech Bat Conservation Society and Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic was held on 8 December 2021.

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