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EUROBATS Projects Initiative

The EUROBATS Projects Initiative (EPI) was launched in 2008 to provide funding for small- to medium-sized bat conservation projects. Since then, it has attracted a significant number of project proposals as well as additional voluntary contributions for its operation. The maximum funding awarded is 10,000 EUR per project.  

According to Resolution 6.4 of the 6th Session of the Meeting of the Parties in 2010, the following criteria are taken into account when assessing the priority of eligible projects:

  • Will the project help the conservation of bats? In particular will the project improve the implementation of a) The Conservation and Management Plan of the Agreement?; b) Other EUROBATS Resolutions?; c) National conservation targets?
  • Is the project transboundary in character?
  • Does the project promote international cooperation between the Parties and Range States to the Agreement?
  • Does the project provide innovative information and experience that can be shared with other Parties and Range States?
  • Does the project contribute to the education and motivation of new bat workers?
  • Does the project focus on the European bat species of concern as defined by EUROBATS Resolutions or by the European Mammal Assessment?
  • What will the outcomes of the project be? E.g. publications, guidelines, follow-up programmes, educational outreach etc.

Please submit project proposals using the form below to the EUROBATS Secretariat before 01 September.Right after this deadline all applications will be forwarded to the EPI Evaluation Group for assessment. The selected projects will be funded in the next year. Successful candidates should be ready to submit English translations of financial and registration documents for a due diligence procedure.   

In parallel, the EUROBATS Secretariat assesses the available funds and seeks for additional voluntary contributions. Therefore a project, even if ranked with high priority, can only be started once the required funds have become available. This process may require several months, therefore the project should begin not earlier then in April or May of the next year after the proposal's submission.

Projects that drive international collaboration are particularly preferable and usually ranked better. Please contact the EUROBATS Secretariat in case of any further queries. 

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