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12th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

Budapest, Hungary, 7 - 8 May 2007

Please note that a small number of documents are not available online and therefore do not appear in the list.
Other document numbers which are not listed here can be found under National Reports (Official Documents/National Reports). 

   AC12.Doc.1    Agenda
   AC12.Doc.2    Annotated Agenda
   AC12.Doc.3.rev2    List of Documents
   AC12.Doc.4    Rules of Procedure for the Advisory Committee
   AC12.Doc.5    Report of the 1st Meeting of the Standing Committee
   AC12.Doc.6    Secretariat Report
   AC12.Doc.7    IWG Interim Report on Antiparastic Drugs
   AC12.Doc.8    Report of the IWG on Overground Roosts
   AC12.Inf.1    Information Fact Sheet
   AC12.Inf.2.rev1    Schedule
   AC12.Inf.3.rev1    Provisional List of Participants
   AC12.Inf.4.rev1    Synthesis of National Implementation Reports and Updates
   AC12.Inf.12    Welcome address of the Executive Secretary of UNEP/CMS
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