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13th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

Cluj, Romania, 23 - 24 August 2008

Please note that a small number of documents are not available online and therefore do not appear in the list.
Other document numbers which are not listed here can be found under National Reports (Official Documents/National Reports). 

   AC13.Doc.1.rev1    Provisional Agenda
   AC13.Doc.2.rev5    List of Documents
   AC13.Doc.3    Rules of Procedure for the Advisory Committee
   AC13.Doc.4    Secretariat Report
   AC13.Doc.5.rev1    Updated List of Intersessional Working Groups
   AC13.Doc.6    Report of the IWG on Producing Guidelines on Bat Monitoring Methods to Assess Population Trends at Different Levels
   AC13.Doc.7    Draft Monitoring Guidelines
   AC13.Doc.8    Draft Leaflet on Bats and Forestry
   AC13.Doc.9.rev1    Report of the IWG on Autecological Studies for Priority Species
   AC13.Doc.10    Report of the IWG on Conservation and Management of Critical Feeding Areas and Commuting Routes
   AC13.Doc.11    IWG Report Bats as Indicators
   AC13.Doc.13    IWG Report on Light Pollution
   AC13.Doc.14    IWG on 2011 - Year of the Bat - Minutes of the preparatory meeting of the IWG during AC12
   AC13.Doc.15    Evaluation and international consultation on the suitability of an expansion of the EUROBATS agreement area
   AC13.Doc.16.rev2    EUROBATS Projects Initiative (EPI) - Criteria and Framework for Applications
   AC13.Doc.17    Proposal for IWG "2011 - Year of the Bat"
   AC13.Inf.1    Information Fact Sheet
   AC13.Inf.2.rev1    Provisional Schedule
   AC13.Inf.3.rev1    List of Participants
   AC13.Inf.4    Updated List of Focal Points
   AC13.Inf.5    Bat-detectoring in different types of forests of the Czech Republic
   AC13.Inf.14    Welcome address of the Executive Secretary of UNEP/CMS
   AC13.Inf.16    Conservation Status of Bats in Biogeographic Regions of Europe in Accordance to the National Reports for the Habitats Directive
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