The Kate Barlow Award of BCT

The Kate Barlow Award aims to encourage postgraduate students to conduct a substantive bat research project and to honour the late Dr Kate Barlow's contribution to bat conservation. Read more about her great achievements here.

Details of the award are still being developed, but here is a brief outline:

- Open to UK and international students undertaking a Master or PhD, registered at an academic institution

- Applicants will apply for the award towards the costs of a bat research project, of no less than 4 months duration

- One award of up to £4,500 will be made per year, for five years

- Starting in 2017 and finishing in 2021 (may be extended if further funds are raised)

- Applicants cannot reapply if they have been successful in previous years

- BCT will pay for the award winner to attend either the BCT National Bat Conference or another relevant bat research and conservation conference. BCT will follow up on award winners annually and promote opportunities for cohort learning by, for example, having Kate Barlow Fellows meetings

If you wish to donate towards this award click here. For any queries please email comms@bats.org.uk .

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