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Bat News

A selection of news related to EUROBATS and other bat conservation activities.
News items of previous years can be accessed in the Archive.

BBC News - Free online tool helps identify bat calls

BBC News article by Mark Kinver reports a freely available online tool that can identify the calls of bat species found in Europe. A study suggests this could help improve knowledge of these winged mammals.

Comprehensive lighting guidance document for bats in the pipeline

BCT is working with researchers at the University of Bristol to develop a comprehensive lighting guidance document for bats. This publication should be available later in 2012. In the meantime please continue to consult "Bats and Lighting in the UK" an online document suitable for both bat workers and lighting engineers. 

3,4 Sekunden aus dem Leben einer Zwergfledermaus

Analysis conducted by Martin Starrach.

First Bat Night on 11 May 2012 at the Fledermaushaus

First Bat Night on 11 May 2012 at the Fledermaushaus at Allendorf, Hesse, Germany.

Telemetrie- und Batdetektor- Workshop

Während des Fläming-Eptesicus-Camps 2011  wurde die Idee geboren, einen Telemetrie- und Batdetektor- Workshop 2012 ins Leben zu rufen. 

Ecologie acoustique des chiroptères d'Europe : identification des espèces, étude de leurs habitats et comportements de chasse

At last! The comprehensive French method for bat detecting is now available (at present only in French).

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Les chauves-souris de Midi-Pyrénées : répartition, écologie, conservation

Coordinated by Julie Bodin, it is a book by the Conservatoire Régional des Espaces Naturels de Midi-Pyrénées.

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