"Spectacular batbridge' in the Netherlands won ARC15 Detail Award

Dutch architects from the NEXT team have won the ARC15 Detail Award for the project of bridge in the city of Monster, the Netherlands. The Vlotwateringbrug or popularly ‘batbridge’ has opened for the public in the beginning of October. The bridge has three specific components that provide roost for several bat species. At the north side the abutment functions as a winter stay. The deck and the brick balustrade accommodate stays for bats during the summer.  The project was designed following the advice of Herman Limpens from the Dutch Mammal Society. 


Original news source (in Dutch) http://www.dearchitect.nl/nieuws/2015/11/20/spooktacular-batbridge-wint-...

Learn more about the project in English here http://www.archdaily.com/775941/vlotwateringbrug-next-architects

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